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EPA range for electric cars is shown in the PDF linked below. Keep in mind, these are optimal range estimates for cars with new batteries and minimal use of climate control. Winter driving, in particular, will result in significant reductions in range. Battery degradation over time will also reduce the range of a used EV. Visit www.fueleconomy.gov for complete economy information.

Please visit our EV Comparison to compare available electric vehicles.


All electric vehicle include a 110V EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment). These are commonly referred to as chargers, though the actual charging equipment is built into the car. The EVSE safely delivers power to your vehicle from your electrical outlet.

On average, expect to gain about 3-4 miles range for every hour that your car is plugged into a 110V outlet. For many people with short daily driving distances, this is all you need. If you drive more than 30 miles a day, or just want faster charging, consider upgrading to a 220V EVSE. All electric cars are capable of using a 220V EVSE and you can expect 12-29 miles of range for every hour you’re plugged in depending on the capacity of the onboard charge and how charged the battery is.

At Paramount Motors NW we stock (and use) the Juicebox from eMotorWerks.

Puget Sound Energy offers a rebate for EV Charging equipment, however this rebate is available only when purchasing a NEW EV and does not apply to pre-owned purchases.

Charging Cost: Electricity costs about $0.12/kWh in the Northwest. Assuming your battery takes about 20kWh to fully charge, the cost would be about $2.40. There is some additional power used during the charging process due to efficiency losses and cooling of the battery, so the actual expense will be slightly higher.

Smartphone Apps:
  • Plugshare - Charging station locator
  • Carwings - Nissan Leaf remote access
  • MyFord Mobile - Ford Focus remote access
  • Fiat Access - Fiat 500E remote access
  • BMW i3 – BMW Connected app
Public Charging:

Public charging stations require an RFID card to charge your car. Below are links to popular networks in the Seattle area. We recommend signing up for each and keeping the card in your car, so you’re ready to go when you need a charge. Keep in mind, public charging typically costs 4-5 times what you pay for electricity at home.

Online Forums:

Many EV’s have active Facebook groups that are a great source for information about the cars.

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